September 30, 2023

This Horse Safari In Mozambique Is A Unique Experience

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This Horse Safari In Mozambique Is A Unique Experience

Horses are fascinating, and riding the animals along a paradisiac beach sounds like the ultimate definition of a perfect holiday. Adventurous travelers who want an immersive experience with them can have an unforgettable time going on a horse safari trip. It’s a unique way to see a country and travel through places that can’t be accessed by car due to the lack of roads or the terrain type.

Mozambique, for example, is home to some of the most pristine beaches on the continent, and it’s also the place to go for travelers dreaming about going on a horse safari. Every year, many tourists travel to Vilankulo to join the excursion, and it’s arguably the most famous attraction in the region and a must-do while visiting Mozambique. Exploring the idyllic landscape is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; here is everything visitors should know about it.


How To Get To Vilankulo

Vilankulo is a popular beach destination in Mozambique – and it’s easy to understand why by looking at its secluded coastline. The city has an airport, and Airlink and Lam operate the flights. Traveling on a 4×4 jeep from Maputo, which is located approximately 445 miles away, is also possible. Travelers can also catch a bus in Johannesburg, South Africa, which stops in Nelspruit, Maputo, Tofo, Barra, and Vilankulo.

Luckily, this place can be visited year-round, and it’s the favorite holiday destination in the country. September and October are the best months, as the average temperature is 75℉.

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The Scenic Trip In Vilankulo

The Mozambique Horse Safari, a family business, is one of the few agencies offering the tour. For a few days, travelers explore the Vilankulo coastline by horse, where they can travel through beaches and inland lakes and go on top of dunes, where they have a complete view of the Bazaruto Archipelago. The excursions last between four and eight days and offer different itineraries. It’s a scenic trip that nature lovers should include on their bucket lists.

The company has nearly 50 horses, and the ones used on the safaris are calm and easy to ride. Most animals were rescued from Zimbabwean farms due to political violence in the country years ago.

  • Price: It starts at $1,920 (groups of three, four days, and three nights) and goes up to $4,310.00 (groups of three, eight days, and seven nights).

It’s Suitable For Inexperienced Horse Riders

While most people might feel they need lots of experience to go on a horse safari, this is not the case. Although they spend at least four days exploring the region on horseback, the first day is often to help travelers to adapt. They can try many horses and choose the one they feel more comfortable with. Afterward, the tour heads to a beach nearby so travelers can get familiar with the equipment.

The excursions have up to eight people, so it’s easy to pay attention to everyone.

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Travelers Can Expect Luxury Accommodations

The Mozambique Horse Safari has designed an excursion to meet the expectations of the most demanding travelers. The clients often stay at the Sea Horse Beach House, a spacious building overlooking the Bazaruto Archipelago, featuring a fully equipped kitchen, swimming pool, cobbled firepit, and patio. The house has three bedrooms and can receive six guests per night. One of its best features is the private access to the beach so guests can enjoy the early hours in the morning there.

Discover The Mozambique Cuisine

Of course, gastronomy is also an essential part of this safari, and Portugal strongly influences the dishes in the country. They offer many seafood dishes, coconut curries, and peri-peri chicken (marinated chicken with a sauce made with crushed chilies, garlic, lemon, bay leaves, and other ingredients).

Guests can expect lots of seasonal fruits for breakfast, along with eggs, bacon, and bread. For lunch and dinner, they offer dishes prepared by a private chef. They also have vegetarian dishes, but there are limitations when it comes to gluten-free and vegan diets.

Day Trip Safari

Tourists visiting Vilankulo don’t have to join a safari to ride the animals along the beach. It’s possible to book a horse tour that lasts less than two hours, where they will go through the beaches and explore the archipelago. The group goes up to the “Fingerprint of God,” a spot with a privileged view of the region. Then, visitors will go through the dunes and return to the beach. It’s ideal for families with children under 12 and inexperienced riders.

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Other Activities In Vilankulo

Vilankulo is one of the favorite destinations in Mozambique, and the horse safari is one of its most famous attractions. However, it also has a handful of other activities, and visitors can easily spend days relaxing at the beach. Tourists can go on a canoeing river trip or scuba diving at the Bazaruto Archipelago, one of the best diving spots in the world, which is also excellent for snorkeling. Divers will encounter rich marine life, with corals, fish and shipwrecks.

Travelers can also go on a fishing trip, where they can catch different types of marlin, barracudas, groupers, snappers, and more. The region is also famous for its wind and attracts kitesurfers from many countries.

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